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White Plains Performing Arts Center, NY
First Regional Premiere 
December 15, 2023-January 7th, 2024


"They see Katherine Lindsley in her WPPAC debut, as proud Russian girl Anya, suffering from amnesia, during the post Russian revolution in the 1920s. She delivers the classic Russian woman, perfectly made up with high cheekbones sensitive expressive eyes that go from blazing ire, to downcast sensitivity, to melting you with devotion. And she’s a belter. Her portrayal last night evokes the loyalty and sensitivity of the fictional Sonya, the heroine of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment."

Katherine Lindsley brings the main character, Anya, to life vibrantly. Her performance is bubbly and sympathetic in all the right places, and her powerfully beautiful voice impresses in the songs, such as “In My Dreams” and “Journey to the Past”.

"Ms. Lindsley gave this part all she had. She delivered the goods the greats-to-be have to deliver. She carries it, ladies and gentlemen!"

 Anya Reel

Behind the Scenes


Dutch Apple Dinner Theatre, PA 
June 30th-August 5th, 2023

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Katherine Lindsley, as newswoman Katherine Plumber, is absolutely adorable. "Watch What Happens" and "Something to Believe In" show off Lindsley's acting and vocal talent. The scene where Katherine finds Jack on his rooftop is one of the most touching scenes in the show. And when Katherine takes steps to defy her father, Joseph Pulitzer, by using his own printing press, it is easy to get caught up in her devotion and fervor."

"Katherine Lindsley plays Katherine Plumber, an aspiring journalist who writes about the plight on the newsies and has a soft spot for Jack.  Lindsley is very good both as both an actress and vocalist.  Her character holds some of her cards to her chest, and we see more and more of her true self as the story unfolds."

 Katherine Reel

Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre, FL
August 18th-September 16th, 2023


"The show is filled with strong supporting actors including Matthew Krob as Monsieur Bouc, Katherine Lindsley as Mary Debenham... to name just a few."

"The collection of passengers/suspects is eclectic with accents to match. To my ears, Josiah Rogers as Colonel Arbuthnot and Katherine Lindsley as Mary Debenham had the most believable speech patterns."

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Fulton Theatre, PA
July 1st-August 7th, 2022

Kinky Boots
Fulton Theatre, PA
March 5th-Closed Early by Covid :(


New York Theatre Festival, NY
November 9th-November 13th, 2021
Rogue Festival-Players Theatre, NY
May 23rd 2021 / July 24th 2021
Fringe PVD Festival, RI
July 23rd-24th 2021


Pirates of Penzance

Cavod Theatre, PA
September 20th-29th, 2019


Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre, FL
November 10th-December 25th, 2023

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